Yaluwage bf

Mama medage thol kiss karala mulu munama ibala mage paiya eliyata aragena phone eken medage nangige photo 2-3 k gaththa.ekalala adum okkoma hadala mama dora wahala eliyata awa.

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BANGALORE: Theatre personality and film director Chitra Palekar introduces herself as a mother - a proud mother of a lesbian. Nothing changes because she has a different sexual orientation. She has a partner with whom she's been living for 14 years.

At a talk organized by Community Services of Bangalore, a non-profit organization, on Tuesday, Chitra shared her personal journey with her daughter who walked up to her one day in the early 1990s and said she was homosexual. Science has proved it's not a disease, it is merely a difference. And you want her to flower." Her daughter had just finished graduation when she confided to her mother. "Even many heterosexuals don't live together so long! Chitra laughs, recalling those moments when they teased her, calling her 'mother-in-law'.

Harawala saya hodada issuwa hatthyath ussala kuku deka eliyata aragena mottu tathuwenakama iruwa ayeth mama paiya medage eka ethulata dala Gahanna gaththa.

Gahana gaman thol dekath iruwa tikawelawak gahanakota mata yanna wage awa mama eliyata aragena ayeth medage kuku iruwa. Mata dan inna be yanna hadanne mama mage keri tika medage nangige pathulatama yannakam ehemama hitiya.

drink eka bila daruwawa nidikarala medage room ekatagihin beluwa room eka lock karala mama pitipassen gihi janeleyen beluwa. Mama hemita kakul lewakala kakuldeka athekarala jangiye medage nangi gawa immba. Tika welawak karala jangiya paththkata karala mama medata diwadamma .


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