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With Tyler Bishop being a new client, is this turning out to be Dr. Continue reading “My father invented the lighthouse.” - Matthew Perry as chronic liar, Tyler Bishop Tune in to find out the other lies Matthew has in store for his old friend Lisa Kudrow this Wednesday’s episode of Web Therapy at 11p ET/PT on Showtime Networks https:// Check out an exclusive clip of what role Calista will be playing in Fiona and Kip’s unusual marriage: https:// Continue reading Our incredibly talented cast this week of Web Therapy includes Dan Bucatinsky, Jennifer Elise Cox, Tim Bagley, Nina Garcia, Julie Claire, and Allison Janney.

Lisa Kudrow is joined by Dax Shepard, Lily Tomlin and Matthew Perry in the Web Therapy winter premiere on Showtime Networks at 11p ET/PT. Fiona would diagnose indie WIRE with having a clean bill of mental health for including episode 3 of this season of Web Therapy on their annual list of the Top Episodes of TV for 2014. Continue reading Allison Janney returns to Web Therapy with 2 all-new sessions with Dr.

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So just a few things I would like to bring to your attention.

The first item would be that yes, I am Mishikail; the co-author of the Eternal Series that captius wrote.

I don't really mind actually as he made it come to life in ways I never could have imagined.

He also has two other works at this other place that I am personally hooked on. I know some of you probably hate him for what he did, but I assure you that it is not the end.

As I told you before, he is still writing and still putting stuff out. Anyways, he and I were talking yesterday (yes we are still really close friends) about some of the other stuff he had written here that he was a little sad he never got to finish. It didn't get very many reads and only an 80% rating so I doubt I will continue posting stuff like that here. That's what the Characters Count is telling me.... Once more, if you read this far(why would you though? I was told the cached versions are no longer available.


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