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A woman claiming to be pregnant by an ex-husband had to announce the fact within thirty days of the divorce and she could expect to be visited by a group of witnesses sent by him to verify her condition, [4] for there were instances, or at least men believed there were instances, where vengeful ex-wives passed off a stray foundling as a legitimate son.The first major change came with the Augustan Marriage Laws.Under classical Roman law marriage without manus was based on consent.

Following this principle any man or woman who wished to do so could become divorced simply by sending the partner a letter or even by declaring in front of witnesses that the marriage was over.

There was no such thing as joint marital property and any children of the marriage belonged to the father, so there was little to argue about.

Some were concerned about the impact divorce was having on children, but others simply felt that society had a vested interest in preserving existing relationships and objected to the idea that a husband or wife could break up a marriage when there was no compelling reason.

Late in his reign, 331, issued an edict imposing serious penalties on unilateral divorce except in certain circumstances.

Christianitys opposition to divorce sprang up in a society where men could easily divorce their wives, sending them into the street with little more than the clothes on their backs, while wives had no ability whatever to get out of an unhappy marriage.


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