Who is genevieve gorder dating

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Growing up as the oldest of three siblings, and being the only girl, Genevieve attended Minneapolis South high school where she enjoyed soccer and playing a violin, whilst she still follows soccer today she doesn't play it; however, she has continued her violin training and is an accomplished player.

She then moved on to study International Affairs at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, until taking a graphic design course led to her change of direction and her interest in design was cemented, eventually leading to a B. A in design from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan.

In addition to her TV work, Genevieve also runs her own successful design company, gg studios, and has her own line of home décor products available on QVC.

Marriage She got married to fellow TV host Tylor Harcott in 2006.

The details about her divorce with Taylor is unclear, but since she is still living with her daughter, it can be inferred that she won the custody of her daughter if Gorder has really gone through divorce proceedings.