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) Love life aside, Courtney is also faced with shocking news that her mother may have cancer, which only strengthens her bonds with her family and best friend, Tori.

However, as Courtney’s career rides high, she neglects important friends and proves that having it all sure isn’t easy.

I watched all the way through and will definitely be tuning in tonight, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for anything major in the storyline or ratings report that might change my mind.

And, heck, if I’m wrong and Courtney Loves Dallas does get a second season, I’d still watch.

You see, before we can have even a moment to feel sorry for Courtney, she reminds us again that she is totally self-centered. I can be, like, obsessed with my work, obsessed with myself, obsessed with Matt, obsessed with Marfa.

She straight up told us that she didn’t care if her friends (who, by the way, told her not to meet up with him at all) wanted to hear about Matt…she was going to talk about him all night. And then we can all just, like, come together, go see Prada museum, and then, like, we’re fine.”Yuck.

Otherwise, I’m afraid we may be seeing the last of Courtney Kerr (on Bravo at least) tonight.