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President Obama ain't trippin' now that his daughters are in the dating world ... The Prez told a Raleigh, NC radio station Friday he's "pretty relaxed" when it comes to First Daughters Malia, 18, and Sasha, 15, dating.

You gotta hear his 2 reasons -- the main reason being Michelle's stellar example.

Alex had always been fond of Barry, as she called him, and “thought he was interesting in a very particular way.

He really worked his way through an idea or question, turned it over, looked at it from all sides, and then he came to a precise and elegant conclusion.” When Alex came to New York, she gave Obama a call. It was one of those dark, old Italian restaurants that don’t exist in New York anymore.

They met at an Italian restaurant on Lexington Avenue, and, as she remembered the night, “we sat and talked and ate and drank wine. It was the kind of place where they leave you alone.


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    All conversations with advocates at the National Hotline are strictly confidential.

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    That’s why dating app Tinder has partnered Tech Yes, Meal Kits, Pokémon, and Athleisure Are All Overhyped Right Now The Gartner Hype Cycle has become a shorthand in the tech world to describe technologies’ path to adoption.

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    What we like: Before signing up, users are given the option to block straight visitor profiles and block them from seeing their profiles. One Good Love Tagged as a site for long-term relationship oriented, One Good Love uses a personality profile formulas to match members with potential mates. A report at the end shows what type of guy you are and what type of man best suits you.

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    It was true last week, when Jimmy seemed to slip, almost by accident, into some genuine warmth and feeling on his fake date with Sara.