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Tinder had its Vows debut this year, in January, and will likely see more mentions as the Tinder userbase matures into marrying age, and Tinder evolves into a more serious way to meet a longterm companion.

Right now, the app has a hard time shaking its reputation as a hookup app (and probably for good reason), thought the two couples profiled in Vows might beg to differ.

And just as online dating is no longer taboo around the country, it’s also no longer taboo in the Vows column—to the point that, spans Vows’ entire 23-year history, I found a total of 28 couples who met online, through eight different online services.

All 28 couples are heterosexual, most are comprised of people in their late 40s through early 60s, and about half are on their second or third marriages.

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