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There is of course nothing to stop someone registering with several speed dating operations and in doing so it would not be surprising if they happened to run into the same participants. PREVIOUS FINDINGSMany speed dating events generally specify an age range for both men and women with a leeway for slightly older males.There can also be special niche events such as evenings for graduates only, gays and lesbians, older men with younger women and vice versa, movie lovers, ethnic events or similar religious affiliation.Because of the limited time to interact, it is important that there should be a reasonable degree of compatibility between the couples for there to be any chance of a match.

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Some of these are simply 'yes' or 'no' while some are open-ended. Define [PI] using the following conditional probability:[PI] = Pr(Y = 1| [1] = [1], [2] = [2], ..., [5] = [5]) = [[beta]0] [[beta]1][1] [[beta]2][2] [[beta]3][3] [[beta]4][4] [[beta]5][5]The required logit model is:[e] = [PI] / 1- [PI] = [[beta]0] [[beta]1][1] [[beta]2][2] [[beta]3][3] [[beta]4][4] [[beta]5][5]which may be written as[PI] = exp([[beta]0] [[beta]1][1] [[beta]2][2] [[beta]3][3] [[beta]4][4] [[beta]5][5]) / 1 exp([[beta]0] [[beta]1][1] [[beta]2][2] [[beta]3][3] [[beta]4][4] [[beta]5][5]) (1)where the meaningful interpretation of [PI] is now the probability that the two parties will exchange details given a particular set of values of the five covariates.

For example, in the study by Belot and Francesoni, 2006 involving Hurry Date (see URL), a large dating company operating in major metropolitan areas of the USA, it was found that the mean ages were 35.8 years for men and 34.5 years for women. Of course not all, if any, of the covariates may be significant and so this must be tested statistically using binary logistic regression.5.

It may not come as a surprise to learn that they also found that women preferred men who were young and tall, while men were more attracted to women who were young and thin.

An overweight woman was 16% less likely to receive a proposal from men, while men themselves did not seem to be penalised for being overweight.

It is also equally crucial for speed dating organisations that the participants have at least some idea that the groups of males and females at an event are mildly compatible. To demonstrate the technique we will concentrate on only five characteristics (covariates) and see how these relate to compatibility, although of course many more could be used.


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