Updating windows server 2016

If you have an existing virtual hard disk (VHD or VHDX), you can use the DISM tools to apply the update to the virtual hard disk.

You need to make sure the disk is not in use either by shutting down any VMs using the disk or unmounting the virtual hard disk file.

updating windows server 2016-64

mkdir C:\Servicing Packages_expanded mkdir C:\Servicing Packages_expanded\KB3176936 mkdir C:\Servicing Packages_expanded\KB3192366 Expand C:\Servicing Packages\KB3176936-F:* C:\Servicing Packages_expanded\KB3176936 Expand C:\Servicing Packages\KB3192366-F:* C:\Servicing Packages_expanded\KB3192366 mkdir C:\Servicing Packages_cabs copy C:\Servicing Packages_expanded\KB3176936\Windows10.0-KB3176936-x64C:\Servicing Packages_cabs copy C:\Servicing Packages_expanded\KB3192366\Windows10.0-KB3192366-x64C:\Servicing Packages_cabs Now you can use the extracted files to apply the updates to a Nano Server image in a few different ways, depending on your needs.

The following options are presented in no particular order of preference – use the option that makes the most sense for your environment.

Prior to installing the update, use Hyper-V Manager, Disk Management, Power Shell, or other tool to expand the size of the virtual hard disk and system volume to at least 10GB, or use the Scratch Dir parameter on the DISM tools to set the scratch directory to a volume with at least 10GB of free space.

$s = New-PSSession -Computer Name (Read-Host "Enter Nano Server IP address") -Credential (Get-Credential) Copy-Item -To Session $s -Path C:\Servicing Packages_cabs -Destination C:\Servicing Packages_cabs -Recurse Enter-PSSession $s# Apply the servicing stack update first and then restart Add-Windows Package -Online -Package Path C:\Servicing Packages_cabs\Windows10.0-KB3176936-x64Restart-Computer; exit # After restarting, apply the cumulative update and then restart Enter-PSSession -Computer Name (Read-Host "Enter Nano Server IP address") -Credential (Get-Credential) Add-Windows Package -Online -Package Path C:\Servicing Packages_cabs\Windows10.0-KB3192366-x64Restart-Computer; exit# Apply the servicing stack update first and then restart /Online /Add-Package /Package Path: C:\Servicing Packages_cabs\Windows10.0-KB3176936-x64# After the operation completes successfully and you are prompted to restart, # it's safe to press Ctrl C to cancel the pipeline and return to the prompt Restart-Computer; exit # After restarting, apply the cumulative update and then restart Enter-PSSession -Computer Name (Read-Host "Enter Nano Server IP address") -Credential (Get-Credential) /Online /Add-Package /Package Path: C:\Servicing Packages_cabs\Windows10.0-KB3192366-x64Restart-Computer; exit If you have a running Nano Server VM or physical host, you can use the Windows Update WMI provider to download and install the update while the operating system is online.

In the meantime, we hope this information will help you keep your Nano Servers up to date and running smoothly.


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