dating sercice - Updating to xp

Enable the Windows firewall, or assure that your corporate firewall is functioning properly.

Tests have shown that an unprotected PC can be infected after being connected to the Internet within 15 minutes.

Install applications: Use the installation CDs you collected before beginning the OS upgrade and install each.

updating to xp-26

While Windows 2000 may work well, Microsoft has moved support from mainstream to what it calls "extended support," which means that new software releases are not necessarily guaranteed to be compatible with the older OS.

In addition, newer software from other vendors may rely on some functions that are components of Windows XP.

When the partition has been deleted, select the option to create a new partition, then select the option to set up Windows XP on the new partition, and follow the installation wizard to complete the setup.

To upgrade the existing installation: Select the option to upgrade the existing version of Windows.

Just do it There are two options to upgrading from Windows 2000 to Windows XP.