Updating performance appraisals thereby consolidating the overall network accounting

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The annual appraisal is maybe the only time since last year that the two people have sat down together for a meaningful one-to-one discussion.

No wonder then that appraisals are stressful - which then defeats the whole purpose. Appraisals are much easier, and especially more relaxed, if the boss meets each of the team members individually and regularly for one-to-one discussion throughout the year.

There is increasingly a need for performance appraisals of staff and especially managers, directors and CEO's, to include accountabilities relating to corporate responsibility, represented by various converging corporate responsibility concepts including: the 'Triple Bottom Line' ('profit people planet'); corporate social responsibility (CSR); Sustainability; corporate integrity and ethics; Fair Trade, etc.

The organisation must decide the extent to which these accountabilities are reflected in job responsibilities, which would then naturally feature accordingly in performance appraisals.

So don't wait for the annual appraisal to sit down and talk. If you are an employee with a shy boss, then take the lead.