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Some scripts offer a choice of track by track confirmation of changes or fully automatic processing of the selection.

Many of the scripts can optionally display a progress bar while running.

This script is particularly useful if you need to exceed a value of 999 in either the track number or track count fields as such values cannot be entered in the i Tunes Get Info. Sets an alphabetically ordered Sort Name for each selected track or all tracks of the current playlist.

Use to work around the way that Apple devices order audiobook tracks by track name instead of disc & track number. Clears Sort Album, Sort Album Artist, Sort Artist, Sort Composer, Sort Name, and Sort Show fields which begin A/An/The to restore the Auto Sort feature of i Tunes for selected tracks or all tracks in the current playlist. Compares i Tunes records of file locations and, if necessary, corrects capitalization in file & folder names to ensure a case-sensitive correspondence.

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