Updating a land patent

I don't know about such a situation, but I suspect it wouldn't work.

If, on the other hand, your grandfather assigned it to someone outside the family, and their line of heirs or assignees died out, whereupon a man might seek to patent it, provided an O. You will find BLM’s records are limited to certain states not including the original 13 States or Texas.

You should also consider ordering a certified copy of the original land entry case file, it contains a load of information of the family or relative you may be researching.

It will most likely be a land patent from the State to the parties so named.

A slight correction is also in order regarding “they(Fed/BLM)”; though they are the custodian of many records, their purpose is merely a custodial one—that is to say, they do not “hold title” to any land.

However, with such land the State acquired that Title and they most likely issued a Land Patent of their own to convey the Land into private ownership.