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Without a bit of dopamine present, attraction will not occur and the date will not go well. If your date “takes your breath away”, there’s a good chance that the date will go well!

Being so enchanted with your date that you “can’t catch your breath” is a sure sign that the person you’re talking to has potential as that special someone. A bad date can “suck all the oxygen out of a room”, leaving you nothing to talk about and several minutes/hours of horrible awkwardness.

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Ryan: A closed mouth smile is sexier than an open mouthed story.

When people are happy, a date is much more likely to have a positive outcome. Adrenalin causes the heart to race and a person to begin sweating nervously, very common reactions on a great first date.

And since it literally is what causes a good feeling, you’d better hope for plenty of it! A racing heart and nervous perspiration cause more excitement, possibly leading to a better first date and many more dates to follow. We don’t know; we couldn’t figure out uncertainty in p-chem and we definitely can’t figure it out on dates.

Since time isn’t exactly a luxury for busy singles dating, there are actually a few body language tricks you could use to create instant attraction with someone you are really interested in. Smiles are almost as contagious as sneezes and lets your date know that you are friendly and inviting.


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