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There was really good pop music but nobody was really doing any dance stuff.” There are people who might think that Trent has not changed with the times and ten years later is still performing dance music while many Christian artists are into worship or pop rock.

In response to that line of thinking Trent replies, “I want people to say, ‘I was a fan of hers ten years ago and she still has great stuff to this day.’ I think you have to keep changing with the sound of the times, but stylistically this is absolutely who I am.” Trent says, “A song like “Pray” really captures who I am. There were times that I walked through the door of my house, fell to my knees, was lost for words and did not know what to say. I was hurting and going through the pain of losing a spouse.

Get up, you can do this.’ I would get up, wipe the tears and say, ‘I can do this God.'” Continuing to talk about “Pray” she says, “I could have written a ballad that would make us just want to worship God. It made me want to get back up off the floor and say yes, does anybody want to pray with me. I think that is why I took this direction for the song. The words to Trent’s songs are not merely filler used to satisfy a beat.

It makes you want to dance.” Six weeks after her initial record release in 1994 and her single “Your Love Is For Always” debuted, the song rose to number one on the charts. She instead relies upon heartfelt true life experiences that infuse her lyrics.

Twelve years ago, Trent adopted her husband Trent Lenderink’s first name as her surname for stage purposes.


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