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I use to go to Slovakia for the thermal mountain springs in the winter. Think about it, there are like a billion Indians and a billion Chinese, yet only 5.4 million Slovaks, which calculated to let say about a million single females in dating age.

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Slovakian girls are beautiful, similar to Polish girls and Czech girls but more country, perhaps less materialistic.

Because of the proximity to Hungry, Slovakian girls have a broader darker look than say Czech girls.

If you like dark hairs or blond-haired girls from the countryside often with blue eyes, then consider falling in love with a Slovakian girl. This is similar to Polish and Czech languages in that it belongs to the Western Slavic branch of the Indo-European languages.

In lieu of an immediate vacation trip to Central Europe I recommend to chat with Slovakian girls is to go on a Slovakian mail server.

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