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‘As a kid I always wanted to be a good boy,’ Hames assures me.

At dinner parties, he would be asked to regale people with stories from his career.

As taboos about sex were broken down, Cambridge and Oxford Unions were asking him to appear as a guest speaker.

People are always very intrigued by sex but the truth is most people tend to learn about sex in secret.’Over the course of four series (the show ended in 2007), Hames would have his scrotum nailed to a plank of wood, enjoy a red wine enema, get his breast injected with saline and star in several low-rent porn flicks.

On one occasion, he dressed up as a baby (nappy and all) and did wee-wees.

‘It’s a bit of an irony, really, as I basically pre-empted our break-up,’ explains Wilby with a wry smile.