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My love for art and music, and even some experiences from my childhood. That's what they said as Seto Kaiba sat at his cubicle. Child abuse is usually a big part of my writing, and I apologize if I overuse it in the future, as I've done in the past, but as I've said, I usually relate to one or more of my characters in some way. The counseling hotline program was the only thing standing between him and his degree, but else can he learn when a caller needs more help than he can give? The story Dirty Little Secret is currently complete. She was his life and light, and he would give his very soul for her. Shoot me a PM or comment in a review for one of my other stories and I'll see what I can do about any preference you might have.

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Almost two years, and yet, now that I've re-read the stories I've forgotten to erase, it's like a spark is lit under me and I want to write again.

I just hope I can finish these stories for you guys, in case I fall out of writing again.

He speaks of getting her back, the only thing he's missing being a body.

Kaiba XOC Bad language/Mature themes She broke him.

The story Perfectly Imperfect is currently complete. Then she met him and he brought a light she had never known possible. So far I've got Seto XSerenity up, Malik Xlana, Joey XMai, Duke XSerenity, A single pic of Serenity, and a feisty pic of Kaiba. If you wanna check it out my profile is To Repent: Yu-Gi-Oh_Romance/tragedy_ AU: The Story Behind Set and Sarah. Sequel and alternate pov to Three Guys, but can be read and enjoyed on it's own.


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