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An intended relationship with any co-worker, but especially a younger one, could be considered inappropriate and make the rest of your staff, very uncomfortable. Even the most discreet of office romances is bound to become public knowledge soon enough.

Can you handle being the prime topic of office gossip?

You might also consider that in today’s economy, no job is a sure thing.

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The downside here is that it is really uncomfortable to be in an office with someone you have broken up with.

The challenge is to make sure you are good enough friends that even if the romance ends you can still talk and interact with each other without rancor.

Relationships are fraught with tension but it’s even harder when you are the prime target of wagging tongues and public scrutiny.

Even though you aren’t Robert’s immediate supervisor, you may be accused of favoritism by other employees.

At this point, I’d guess that part of your allure is that you are more experienced and interesting than his contemporaries.