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Ask questions here about perception, depth, color, brightness, and patterns.Glasses and contact lenses Short-sightedness can usually be corrected by you wearing glasses or contact lenses.

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just like the broken spoon in a glass of water, sound waves under water are broken.

Sound traveling from the air to the water are bent and scrambled, but lets say that the spoon was completely in the water, then it appear perfectly normal.

Optical illusions are visual images that differ from reality imagery.

Literal optical illusions are different from the original images, physiological illusions are afterimages that follow a bright light, and cognitive illusions are unconscious inferences like distorting.

What happens in those cases is that the Earth's heat (which it gained from the Sun) is warming up the air closest to the ground.


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    Now, further research is suggesting that, in the words of Keith Small, some non-mainstream views of the origins of the book may have more ground than previously believed.

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    Carnal pleasures are expensive in Tirol, but they learned it from the Romans who once enslaved their women to drag them to work as prostitutes in Rome and serve the Empire.