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Their perfectionist tendencies may focus on always being the best dressed, with never a hair out of place; needing to have perfect grades; getting perfect reviews or else feeling devastated and a failure.There is no in between for those with LSE; they think in terms of two extremes, black and white, all or nothing, successful or a failure; thus anything less than perfection is failure.Your book has helped me immensely in ways I cannot put into words. I'm not to good with words so this email probably does not do justice to how grateful I am to you.

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A basic need of all people is that of believing that they are lovable and knowing that they are loved.

When people have low self-esteem, however, they are anxiously unsure of themselves and likely even question if they are lovable.

When actually criticized, even by someone who loves them, they will often deny the obvious, unable to admit a mistake, poor judgment, or an offense.

Virtually all experts agree that LSE is typical of people with eating disorders. Constantly anxious and fearful of making a mistake, those with low self esteem are overly watchful of the behavior of others.

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