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In fact, Octave's io package xlsread is a mere wrapper for an xlsopen-xls2oct-parsecell-xlsclose sequence. This is the most important information you have to keep in mind when you have to work with "Excel" files.(Note that is a complicated file format with many gotchas that doesn't lend itself for fast file I/O.If you want to move multiple pieces of data to/from a spreadsheet file, the io package offers a much more versatile scheme: Mixing read and write operations in any order is permitted (the only exception: not with the JXL -JExcel API- interface).

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odsread is a mere wrapper for the functions odsopen, ods2oct, and odsclose that do file access and the actual reading, plus parsecell for post-processing. It too is a wrapper for scripts which do the actual work and invoke other scripts, a.o. odsfinfo can be used to explore odsfiles with unknown content for sheet names and to get an impression of the data content sizes.

When you need data from just one sheet, odsread is for you.

is expected to be a regular spreadsheet range format, or "" (empty string, indicating all data in a worksheet).

If no range is specified the occupied cell range will have to be determined behind the scenes first; this can take some time.

Examples: Force native OCT interface - only for .xlsx, .ods, .gnumeric And so on ...