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[...] This so-called 'interoperability test' is done by a central test lab that has a collection of all Qi-certified products.Products that fail the interoperability test are not certified." Interestingly, Google doesn't display the Qi certification logo anywhere on the Nexus 4's packaging — perhaps a sign that it is already prepared to move on to PMA regardless of Qi's uptake. We don't yet know which of these standards will be the Blu-ray and which will be the HD-DVD, but in the meantime, customers are going to be voting with their dollars.

Indeed, not everyone is having trouble pairing the Nexus 4 to the DT-900: Engadget reported success, for instance.

But a single bad experience instills doubt in a standard that needs as much traction as it can get early on in the game.

We had the pleasure to host the 7th issue launch party event here in Montreal.

More photos of the launch party can be found here For all of you who could not make it, you may buy your copy in Oxford Boutique, 174 St Viateur, Montreal, Qc.

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