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“Really,” he says, “the special thing about working here is that you get to meet George and Edith, and they’re interesting people.” George and Edith’s guests were often as intriguing as their hosts. Pauline Merrill, Edith’s sister, is living here for a spell.

The sun is softening, and it’s almost time to change for dinner.

There’s only one way to get to the bachelors’ quarters, and it’s not an easy trek.

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George purchased an instrument to fill the cavern but donated it to All Souls’ Episcopal Church in Biltmore Village.

As a result, the red oak case work wasn’t put to use until 1999, when a 1916 Skinner organ was inherited and installed.

George, a professorial figure with dark hair and a slightly curved moustache, rose from his chair as his guests looked on, their eyes begging: What on earth are you going to say about this distraction? Instead, “he got down on his hands and knees and helped her pick up the shards before saying, ‘Come see me in the morning,’” Holmes says. Instead, she was promoted to chambermaid, so she wouldn’t have to carry such heavy dishes.

Holmes says, in a tone of disbelief, “A man as rich as he was — on his hands and knees.” It’s a story that could easily be forgotten in this mansion’s vast halls, but Holmes and his colleagues keep George’s generous spirit alive by sharing his stories, tour after tour.

Hunt, the architect, ultimately decided to wire the house for both currents.