Mage puthage eka

She would pull the hem of my skirt towards her and she caned me on my behind.After two days of buttock canings she asked me whether I told my mother that I am caned by her. From that day she wanted me to lift my lower garments for her to cane me on the panties.Although my mom had a cane at home I don’t think I was hit with it after I was 6 or 7.

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foto payudada kecil dan puting kecij - Mage puthage eka

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On the second day or so she was scolding me and told the amme to bring a stick to hit me with.

Amme without realizing the consequences to me for some time to come faithfully presented the cane that was at home to her.

Towards half way in my time with her I was becoming good in studies and it became unbelievable the offences she continued to cane me for. awelawe toilet yana lamainta toilet polimedima chu yanna gahala thiyenawa.waradi karana lamai ude raswimedi stage 1kata aran unta wewal para dila balan inna ewnta hujja yawala thiyenawa.panthi walata gihin sadden kathakarala chu yawala thiyenawa.teacherslage waradi walata unwa ofz ekata genna gannakotama sari wala chu gihin iwarai.


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