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On the latest episode of “La La’s Full Court Life” Miami rap diva Trina finds herself in just that situation.

As La La tries to convince a heartbroken Trina to move on from her relationship with NBA baller Kenyon Martin, Trina desperately tries to hold on to the past using one lame excuse after another for why her and Kenyon’s relationship may not be over for good.

Because if you had the chance it would be the same thing. Some of decent dudes but far too many are just reckless but, a lot of chicks don't care long as their laced up with material goods and hopefully a 18-year check plan. The sad thing is as young men they are still figuring things out and are exploring their options, but as older broads I'm ALMOST certain they want or SHOULD need more than just a smash and dash.

At least his teammate Westbrooke dating a girl going to medical or law school, then again I won't be shocked if he trades her in for a video and/or ass model/professional groupie If you're going to date a younger guy at least date and attractive one. SHE IS WAY TOO OLD FOR THAT BOY DEM TRINA, SHE IS PUSHING 40 AND HE IS NOT EVEN 25, THATS CALL CHILD ABUSE.... Russell Wilson Jets Out Of LAX With Stepson Future» Tristan Thompson & Khloe Kardashian Do Late Night Dinner After Cavs Lose J-Rod Sneaks Out Of Yankees Game Together» Meghan Markle Is Allegedly Thinking About Quitting Acting As Romance With Prince Harry Gets Serious» The Weeknd Gets Cutesy With Girlfriend Selena Gomez In His Hometown Mariah Carey & Bryan Tanaka Celebrate St.

The two tied the knot at Peckforton Castle in Liverpool, England in front of friends and family. Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Rowland were among the celebs in the crowd.


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