Google chairman dating yuri tag dating

When Apple makes multiple sizes of the same device family, they generally look as similar as possible other than the difference in size.

It would be weird if, later this year, Apple released two new i Pad Pros, but only one of them sported a new edge-to-edge display.) At Google, we care about giving users the best possible online experience, both through our own services and products and by contributing new tools and industry standards for use by the online community.

You can tell this story is rock-solid because it’s attributed to “an onlooker” who spotted the pair at a gymnastics center in Los Angeles.

“He called her ‘babe’ and they held hands,” the unnamed onlooker told the magazine.

That’s why we’re excited to announce Guetzli, a new open source algorithm that creates high quality JPEG images with file sizes 35% smaller than currently available methods, enabling webmasters to create webpages that can load faster and use even less data.