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It's really not a big deal, that's what happens at parties." Sadly, quite a few girls shared similar sentiments.Nathalie a 21-year-old college student, was torn, "Sometimes I feel bad about giving in so easily, but if guys can have casual sex I should be able to too." The culture of "Girls Gone Wild" encourages empowerment and liberation through sexual assertiveness and random hook-ups.This combination does not necessarily lead to more sex, but more meaningless sex.

Many screen names were some derivative of booty, slutty, sexy and pimp.

Halloween costumes were x-rated and sexting, texting of lewd pictures and midnight booty calls were becoming more common. These concerns led me to spend the last 4 years reading about, researching and interviewing young adults and teens on the subject of "hook-ups." I am beyond thrilled to acknowledge that girls today are being brought up in a generation that promotes empowerment and equality (due largely to the hard fought battles of the feminist movement in the 1960's and 70's).

Five years ago, my daughter came home from her middle school social psychology class and informed me that every generation has a name.

Hers was dubbed "the hook-up generation." Although I was not aware of the label, I had been noticing some "signs." Relationships were scarcer, dating a rarity, and kids were randomly hooking-up and posting the evidence on Facebook.

You don't get to know the girls who stand back, because it is too hard to turn away what is in front of your face.