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Digging into her past, traumatic memories from her childhood resurface, and she discovers the Graysons' involvement with her mother's disappearance.

Her search leads her to discover that her mother, now known as Kara Clarke-Murphy, was married to her father's murderer, the mysterious white-haired man whose name is Gordon Murphy.

After the success of Conrad's plan to gain Charlotte's inheritance to help Grayson Global, Victoria has no choice but to let him know she is alive.

Together, they conspire to frame the white-haired man for her "abduction." Daniel gets Charlotte out of rehab, and Emily introduces Charlotte to her "sister," Amanda. When the paternity reveals that Jack is the baby's biological father, Emily lies to Amanda, saying she altered the test and that Jack is not the biological father.

Social climber Ashley Davenport takes over Victoria's spot as Queen of the Hamptons, but is soon stripped of her position; later, she plots revenge.