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Commuters in the North of England faced frosty conditions on their way to work this morning as Cumbria, Northumberland and North Yorkshire were hit by a Met Office weather warnings for ice and snow.

Heavy rain fell over much of England and temperatures dropped as low as -8C (18F) overnight at Dalwhinnie in the Highlands, a full 27C colder than this time last week in London which had the warmest day of the year at 19C (66F).

The wake turbulence caused by the airbus was so powerful that about one minute after it passed by, G-force sent the Challenger, which was flying at 34,000 feet, into an uncontrolled roll that flipped the aircraft between three and five times.

And when asked about joining the IRA and becoming one of its leaders he said: 'I'm not ashamed of that, I think it was the right thing to do'.

Hundreds of mourners gathered in Northern Ireland last night (left) to pay tribute to the former deputy first minister in a series of candlelit vigils following his death from a rare genetic condition.

He said: 'I don't really care how history assesses me.

Historians, many of them come from different political perspectives, will do that and I leave it to them and to the judgement of people'.

The singer formerly known as Scary Spice, 41, (left) was photographed wearing her wedding ring as she headed to a bank in Beverly Hills on Tuesday, amid claims her separation from husband of 10 years, film producer Stephen Belafonte (together, inset in 2009) was motivated by 'toxic' rows over her personal fortune.