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By Wyatt Ciesielka (Living Church News, March-April 2011, pp.14-17) Throughout history, women have often been oppressed and even abused.I am a firm believer that the solution for meeting more people is online dating.

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Huldah, the scholar-prophetess, helped lead Israel to national repentance (2 Kings 22:8–20) and prophetesses and wise women functioned throughout the history of ancient Israel (1 Chronicles 25:5–6; Luke –37).

Jael slew Sisera, and Esther saved the Jewish nation from Haman.

God’s Church, however, understands the literal truth of this verse—that both physical men and physical women will become spiritual sons of God—full members of the God Family.

A Cherished Helper The describes the first woman as a help meet for the man.

Isaiah’s wife was a “prophetess” (Isaiah 8:3), and Philip had four daughters who prophesied (Acts 21:9).