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Master pages contain controls that are shared across multiple page layouts, such as navigation, search, or language preference for multilingual sites. Page layouts and master pages work together to create the layout for a webpage.

In a publishing site, the master page is updated to include a Publishing tab, where you can find the scheduling and workflow buttons shown earlier in this article.

Online SBI provides several inbuilt features for safe and secure banking.

You can use the security options in the profile tab to: Customize your Personal Profile You can set your display name, mobile number and email ID in your personal profile. Manage Third Party You can define your own trusted third parties to whom you wish to transfer funds.

Phishing Email and Fraudulent websites Phishing is a general term for e-mails, text messages and websites fabricated and sent by criminals and designed to look like they come from well-known and trusted businesses, financial institutions and government agencies in an attempt to collect personal, financial and sensitive information. If you should ever receive an email that appears to be suspicious, do not reply to it or click on the link it provides. To report a suspicious email that uses SBI’s name, you can report to us immediately at . Popup windows/advertisements Pop-ups are the advertisements that "pop up" in a separate browser window.

When you click on some of these pop-ups, it's possible that you're also downloading "spyware" or "adware." Vishing Vishing is the criminal practice of using social engineering and Voice over IP (Vo IP) to gain access to private, personal and financial information from the public for the purpose of financial reward. Scammers randomly dial phone numbers using an automated system or a real human being pretending they are calling on behalf of Bank/financial company asking you to update information regarding your, bank accounts, Card details etc.

In addition, three permission levels are added to the site collection: Approve, Manage Hierarchy, and Restricted Read.