Elin nordegren dating

A Swedish photo agency came to TMZ with what they said was a photo of the two, kissing and hugging outside Elin's apartment in Sweden.TMZ has seen the photo -- but the agency decided it wanted to hold it ... Jamie's dad, Michael Dingman, is a very wealthy investor.While pregnant with their youngest son, Stefani discovered explicit texts between Rossdale and Mann on their shared i Pad. Six years earlier, in 2009, Nordegren made headlines when news broke that then-husband Woods had been unfaithful. Man, that Swedish twat has got to be the most thirsty gold-digger in history. She has more money than Gavin, thanks to Tiger Woods. A poor, Swedish, immigrant nanny who came to America to marry a rich guy and take all his money. And now that she stole all of Tiger's money, she's moving on to her next victim - Gavin. Golf is nowhere near where it used to be (in terms of popularity) when Tiger was at the top. R20, you speak as someone who either has very little to lose monetarily or someone who's never dedicated there entire lives to a craft to achieve great success. The reason why he shouldn't have married Elin isn't because of her character but because the power dynamic in the relationship would have been in her favor soon as she got the ring on her finger.

Then, after Gavin Rossdale allegedly came clean about the affair months later, Stefani filed for divorce.

Gavin Rossdale’s admission “completely devastated her,” a source told the magazine in November.

If your standing is so high it's hard to find a potential spouse, get used to LTRs since those don't come with legal binding contracts.

Well, we all know she's as rich as Rockefeller after the divorce, so she's a smart one for him to start wooing.

After reportedly catching her husband cheating by text messaging his alleged mistress, Rachel Uchitel, as Woods, Nordegren threw Woods’ phone at him, chipping his tooth, and proceeded to chase him out of their home with a golf club.