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The 35-year-old Michigan native is sitting on his bed, conveniently located just a few feet from his desk.

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They’re required to participate in “the same sort of self-presentation that have long been required of women,” says Weigel. You need an online dating profile that you’re attractive and charming.

“How different is creating and maintaining an Ok Cupid profile from creating a Linked In one? The traits may vary, she says, but the end goal is essentially the same.

It just mocks other profiles, or it’s clearly fiction.” What about studies suggesting that a profile should always be honest and contain no obvious fabrications? Even when Csepregi’s jokes fall flat, he’s just self-deprecating and “aw shucks” enough to make it easy to root for him.

Csepregi has tried several different profiles over the years—he never throws away a draft, and they’re all in a special folder on his computer—but the one that hit the Internet with a big, forgettable thud, attracting exactly zero interest from any women who found him even passably attractive, was the one where he put all his cards on the table.

Suddenly guys can’t be as blasé about finding a partner.


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