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(Also, Wolverhampton was historically part of Staffordshire so we are only half lying.)Talk about giant tractor tyres and the glory days with him and you're safe. so the smell and sight of hospitals will not scare us. All stories will start with "I bumped into so-and-so in Aldi the other day and…"She is NOT from Birmingham.

Throw in Bully and his permission for our hand in marriage is all yours. It's just a very average cinema complex to you, but when it came on the scene in the 90s it meant we no longer had to get the train to Telford to watch the latest Scream movie.

It is completely different to most other forms of dating as with Speed Dating you get to check out whether or not there is a spark for you, with a particular person right upfront.

So no endless stream of emails and messages that never seem to lead anywhere but a the chance to try out more dates in a night than you’d normally see in 6 months or more.

Some people seem to do it easily while it’s a lot harder for others.