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Totally satisfied with the appraisals and compensations.5.

They were to be hand signed by the first or second comptroller of currency or the Register of the Treasury; they were also supposed to be counter-signed by any other treasury officials designated by the secretary of the treasury.

These signature provisions would later be altered several times.

Motivates new talent and gives opportunity to learn and learn and learn...... Senior management is totally supportive and helps in all aspects which includes work, assignments, personnel issues.

Always surrounded by passionate people eager to learn and explore.2.

Big names and the market leaders in BFSI sector sector.*No politics in the organisation.* Compensatory off is given if you are working on weekends or holidays.* Work from home facility is also given to the employees.* Company is a good pay master for performing employees.* Company will pay 50% of total cost is you are pursuing any certification course or a degree course.* Time to time training sessions are conducted to enhance the skills of the employees.