Dating my winchester model 94

I'm also interested in obtaining the letter on this rifle from Cody in the very near future to find out as much info on it as I can.

I'm just starting into discovering what all my 1894 is so any and all info is appreciated.

Unless the guy is in the manure recycling business something is not right.

dating my winchester model 94-60

How old is my Winchester model 94 30-30 The Art of the Rifle: . They list serial number dates for Winchester, Colt, .

Jul 09, 2013 · In what year was a Winchester model 94 serial # 2900435 made - Sport & Outdoor Problem by Deitmar Solbrig These tables indicate the years of production for the Winchester Model 70 and 94 rifles prior to 1964.

I own a lever action model 94 30/30 winchester and i am unsure of the date of manufacture how could i tell?

the number is 3767559 a guy on another forum is telling me it looks like a cheap ranger? -Steve Hello Steve, Your Model 94 is a late 1973 vintage Carbine. That said, Model 94 Carbines of that vintage very seldom sell for more than $350.

value of a model 94 winchester rifle 30-30 serial number is 1760425 in very good condition no defects in stock the bluing looks good WINCHESTER DATES OF MANUFACTURE. 5 years ago; Report Abuse; by vangion How old is Winchester model 94? Winchester Model 1894 (Mod 94): Covering numbers: 1 5103249. practice on a free, backup system on exposure winchester 94 serial number years is free the problem with tuning recommandations to practically anyone obsessed with .