Dating hiwatt amplifiers

Reeves eventually started the Hylight company (the name came from an early 1960s band named "The Hylights" that a friend belonged to), and the name was registered in September 1966.

He was a stickler for quality from the first, as shown by a 1965 letter to a cabinet manufacturer complaining he was unhappy about the quality of the cabinets he was getting.

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In an interesting turn, Arbiter took Reeves to court afterwards saying they owned the design and Hylight was using it without permission.

During the proceedings, Reeves pointed to the unused holes in the amp chassis and asked the Arbiter engineers what they were for—they couldn't answer, since they were just producing copies of the existing chassis that Reeves had originally designed!

They were a split-chassis design 50 watt head with the control panel mounted on the top of the cabinet, and a black and gold nameplate that featured small-case, cursive writing spelling out the name "hi-watt".

The original HIWATTs owed more of their design and look to the VOX and SELMER counterparts of the day than to the classic look of the British guitar amplifier that HIWATT later embodied.

The first big order for amplifiers came from Ivor Arbiter's Sound City music store—these became the original Sound City amps.


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