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Judging Personality Types may find a Perceivers lack of follow-through to also be irritating, especially if they continuously discuss an action without bringing that action into fruition.

Meanwhile, Perceivers will feel pressured and bothered by their partner’s need to control how things are done, feeling disheartened by the Judging Type’s preconceived notions of what is correct.

In the case of longer relationships, however, an opposite-preference match can often lead to significant confrontation and problems, that if not properly handled, can lead to resentment and eventually the end of a relationship.

A sense of aversion can form between the pair, where certain aspects of each individual are seen as annoying and frustrating while other parts of their personality make their partner swoon.

If the couple continues to try and force each other to find middle ground (especially if the Perceiver and Judging Type are categorized at the extreme ends of their respective preferences), the relationship would not last very long.