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HIV/AIDS, immunosuppression in solid organ transplants). Neonatal herpes simplex is a HSV infection in an infant.

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To start at the beginning, click here -- or jump right in at date sixteen below. Thanks to some excellent navigation, I make it to the theatre just five minutes behind schedule. This should be a pretty foolproof date -- I mean, all I have to do is sit there and not do anything weird while staring at a screen for two hours. I start by kicking out my footrest just seconds before a ten-person group comes down our aisle, forcing every single one of them to maneuver (poorly) around my 6 ft. Then, in the middle of the first particularly weighty cinematic moment, I forget how to hold onto a fork and it clatters against the ground for an abnormally lengthy amount of time. Because we're five-years-old, we think this is hysterical. (Don't get me wrong -- I LOVE holding most things in life, I like to know that I have an easy out in case things get awkward.

Sunday night, I'm running late yet again and am weirdly nervous about it. Hopefully not because I'm already starting to get a tiny bit attached. I grab a table over in the bar area and wait it out. Comfy seats, a menu with decent enough options, and a full bar -- big fan. About halfway through the movie, Ok C T and I both find out that the seats make those never-get-old sounds of flatulence when they recline. How am I supposed to know when it's okay to unlatch my gentle, gentle grasp?

Individuals who participate in contact sports such as wrestling, rugby, and football(soccer), sometimes acquire a condition caused by HSV-1 known as herpes gladiatorum, scrumpox, wrestler's herpes, or mat herpes, which presents as skin ulceration on the face, ears, and neck.

Symptoms include fever, headache, sore throat, and swollen glands. A herpetic infection of the brain thought to be caused by the transmission of virus from a peripheral site on the face following HSV-1 reactivation, along the trigeminal nerve axon, to the brain.

HSV is the most common cause of viral encephalitis.


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