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‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through the city, not a production was stirring, not even a miniseries. But a number of productions are taking a break for the holiday season and several are wrapping up.

That said, the new year will bring a number of new productions to the city, and we’ve already got one on our radar. This family dramedy starts shooting on January 17 and continues until April 12.

He wrote last year's crime thriller The Last Heist but he also wrote MADtv episodes for a few years.

Black Site Delta was produced by the same team behind other small indie action films like Kill Ratio, Ironclad and The Last Heist.

The series, in which Vancouver plays Los Angeles, follows the lives of the Green family, who run a business of diamond trading. Barry) and brother-in-law Cam (Ray Winstone) are heading up their business but when Freddy (Jeremy Sisto) kills a dealer, his half-brother Jake (Cam Gigandet) has to step in to protect the family from their rivals.


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