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It was later abridged to a single volume and released in 1905 as, A Dictionary of Slang and Colloquial English.

This book provided the major part of Eric Partridge's Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English (1937).

There are a number of different varieties of British slang, arguably the best known of which is Rhyming slang.

Chiefly associated with cockney speech spoken in the East End of London, words are replaced with a phrase which rhymes.

The language of slang, in common with the English language, is changing all the time; new words and phrases are being added and some are used so frequently by so many, they almost become mainstream.

While some slang words and phrases are used throughout all of Britain (e.g., knackered, meaning "exhausted"), others are restricted to smaller regions, even to small geographical groups.

Grose's book was eventually superseded by John Camden Hotten's Slang Dictionary in 1859.