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Soon after this government assumed office, Parliament had sought an assurance from Modi that BJP leaders who incited communal passion would be proceeded against under Indian law.

To date, he has refused to give any such assurance.

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Internationally reputed Indian historians of ancient and medieval India have documented the Vedic ritual of cow sacrifice extensively.

The subsequent discarding of this practice, leading to the prohibition of meat eating, could well have been part of the Brahmanical revival onslaught against the universal influence of Buddhism.

Agrarian distress continues to deepen, with more farmers committing suicide.

Negating the loud theory of an industrial resurgence, factories are closing down as the purchasing power in the hands of our people continues to dip.

The rise of Buddhism and the prohibition of Vedic ritual sacrifices are, indeed, associated with the establishment of the agrarian economy, in which bovine animals were required for agricultural operations.