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After all, there's been nothing quite like the rollercoaster ride of relationships and drama since the final credits rolled in 2012.

Yet, did you know that the show was also the birthplace of a number of relationships in real life too?

Here they are at the peak of their love story on-screen: Sadly, just five months into married life, our hopes and dreams for the real-life Brooke and Lucas fell apart as their marriage crumbled following reports that Chad had cheated on his wife with Paris Hilton. Following her turbulent break-up with Chad, Sophia didn't beat around the bush and began something with co-star James Lafferty.

In May 2008, they officially became an item before ending it exactly a year later. The actress dated her third man from the series in the shape of Austin Nichols.

"I'll give all the space in the world to fairness, but I don't have any room for intolerance...


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