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The restaurant follows the theme/trend of Hard Rock Cafes.

The restaurant provides underground bands and young aspiring artists with a platform to project themselves and perform in front of an audience.

Along with acting in the drama, Farhan has collaborated with Hadiqa Kiani for the OST that has topped music charts all over Pakistan.

Amrita rao dating jal

Birth Name: Amrita Rao Date of Birth: 7 June 1981 Birth Place: Chitrapur Spouse: None Height: 5'3" Zodiac Sign: Gemini Languages: Konkani, Marathi, Hindi, English Hobbies: Watching good movies, singing Favorite Drink: Coconut water Favorite Food: Konkani and Thai Food Favorite Color: White Favorite Movie: Rangeela Debut Film: Ab Ke Baras Amrita Rao was born on 7 June 1981 in Chitrapur. She also performed in the advertisements of Bru Coffee and Cadbury perk.

After this advertisement she got many offers and she became model.

It seems that actor Amrita Rao finally has a boyfriend, putting an end to her single status. In fact, I have convinced her to come to Pakistan and perform here.” Amrita, however, is not ready to admit to anything as yet.

If rumours are to be believed, Amrita is dating Goher Mumtaz, the lead singer in the Pakistani band Jal. She said, “Yes, I am quite fond of all three members (meaning Goher, Farhan Saeed and Shazi) of the band.

He then played the lead role as Mohid Shuja in ARY Digital's Mere Ajnabi alongside Urwa Hocane who was the female lead.