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This reflects ongoing low quality of medical care at facilities where lengthy referrals end up.

Community-based studies can reveal higher unaccounted morbidity, accrued disability, and larger mortality.

Improving access points for early TB management at community-level, developing health infra-structure for comprehensive case management at facility-level, and poverty reduction can help combat this multi-faceted problem-whose reduction can in return help fight poverty.

ABSTRACT: We aimed to describe and to assess prognosis factors in tuberculous meningitis in adult patients. We p er for med a retrospective study of case records of adult patients. Tuberculous meningitis was classified as definite in 8 (10.7%), probable in 44 (58.7%), and possible in 23 patients (30.6%). Patients were in advanced stages at admission in 82.7%.

All cases were initiated with anti-TB medication, while some had 'breakthrough' TBM.


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    ” The event began with a brief introduction by the Danube Institute’s President, John O’Sullivan, who provided a bit of background on the Danube Institute, […] In this article you can read a few opinions from the members of Friends of Hungary Foundation about last week’s decision to withdraw Budapest’s bid to host the 2024 Olympics.