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They, therefore, concluded that I was a witch or wizard who had to be eliminated,” Semnwuh, told The Post.

Hard to Find Jobs If Semnwuh finds it difficult, if not impossible to enjoy sex, he finds it even harder to land jobs.

One of his-her mother’s 12 sons, Semnwuh acts to earn a living.

“Everywhere I go to look for a job, people shun me. They do not want to give their houses to me for rent.

“We have compiled several documents and forwarded them to the different institutions that we deem competent to tackle our situation, but they always reject our files or claim that they are missing,” Semnwuh complained.


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    and at the same time to summon such owner or owners, or his or their agent or legal representative, by notice, to be left at his or their most usual place of abode, to appear before the said court, at the time and place in such pre- cept to be mentioned, which jury, being first duly sworn faithfully and impartially to inquire into, and assess the damage in question, and having viewed the premises, if necessary, shall inquire of and assess such damages and recompense as they shall, under all the circumstances, judge fit to be awarded to the owner or owners of such ground, for their respective losses, according to their seve- ral interests and estates therein, and the verdict of such jury and the judgment of said Mayor's Court thereupon, and the payment of the sum or sums of money so awarded and adjudged to the owner or owners thereof, or tender and refusal thereof, shall be conclusive and binding against the said owner and owners, his and their respective heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, claiming any estate or interest of, in or to the same ground, and it shall there- upon be lawful for the said Mayor, Aldermen and Com- monalty to cause the same ground to be converted to, and used for the purposes aforesaid. And be it further enacted, That if any dwelling house, contrary to storc housc, or Other buildinff whatsoever, shall be erected thiflact. AN ACT to amend the charter of the Fire Department of the city of JSTew York. The People of the State of Kew York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows: No person ^^ 1. 26.) On the 22d of the same month the Counsel reported thereon, and submitted an ordinance, which was passed.* From the proceedings of the Common Council of November 29th, 1813, MSS., p. kindle any fire, nor furnish the materials for any fire, nor in any way authorize or allow any fire to, be made in any street, road or lane, or on any pier or bulkhead in this city, except for the purpose of boiling tar, which fire shall not be more than six feet from the bulkhead or the end of the pier, under the penalty of ten dollars for every such offence. ^nd be it further ordained, That no person shall straw, hovr to be placed, havc, put. the same month, in consequence of a destructive fire in the Eighth Ward: Resolved^ That the Committee on the Fire Department cistonwto be instructed to inquire into the expediency of filling all the public cisterns with water forthwith. William Thompson, foreman; location, 179 Church street; four-wheeled carriage.

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