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One day I start thinking about change, about something new. I started to do more projects and more tattoos [of such style].

Three years ago I made my first tattoo where I mixed different elements. I know that the human skin is not a piece of paper. I already know what elements and details that look well [together] and how important the composition is which, for me, is the key to a good design.

The unique blend of styles and flow of elements in his works are something that takes years of practice and a keen eye for detail to achieve. When I was 17, my friend took me to a professional tattoo studio where he was making his first tattoo. It was the first time I saw a picture drawn into the skin. I was keeping my observation and [I was] so curious how to do this by myself. I use a lot of style in my tattoos: graphic, dotwork, realism, old school. I am not good in new school or lettering therefore I avoid it in my tattoos. I am really happy, but the way to [get where I am now] was very long and my life [hasn't been] a bed of roses. As I wrote earlier, I've been tattooing for 10 years already.

Tattoodo talks to the man behind the works in this exclusive interview with Polish tattoo artist, Timur Lysenko. What's more important to me is motive, I am sure that I don't make family [portraits], celebrities portraits, angels, motorcycles, or knights. I love [tattooing] animals, plants, and flowers, though. My development lasted a very long time and continues still. Words, arts, people—everything are [part of my] development and I also must evolve.

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