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Nevertheless, she knows I am deeply committed to the lifestyle, and she doesn’t mind it.

I ran the idea by my wife and got the green light – it was handy to have the option, and in case it doesn’t turn out to be what we had in mind, we’ll just keep our kits on – can’t be any worse than that.

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I even packed my swimming trunks, just in case, as I didn’t know what to expect (they did prove useless in the end, after all).

Soon, we arrived to the resort and checked into our room.

An hour’s flight from Cairo and we arrived at Hurghada, mid day.

I would love to say that I had packed nothing but an assortment of footwear and shaving kit, but this is not a nudist resort, just a resort with a nudist beach option, so we ended up packing some heavy luggage for only a mere two days of holiday.

But it seems that those who are familiar with the resort and its beach setup easily get the hint anyway.


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