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Each slipper is comprised of six granny squares (12 squares total for a pair).(Please visit our Granny Square Tutorial if you’ve never made a granny square or need a refresher.) Each square is three rounds plus a round of single crochet around the outside edge.

There is a miniature baseball jacket, pink pajamas printed with palm trees, “nana blankets” hand-knit by a friend, and a tiny fireman’s costume.

The carpet, business cards, and notepads are all leopard print—a “family signature” since 1985, she says—and a large picture of Kim Kardashian at age 7 hangs on the wall.

The press went wild—and there was instant speculation about the meaning of the name. Shannon, mother to Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner, is a tall, slender woman in her “mid-70s” who leads a quiet life in the sleepy beach town of La Jolla, just north of San Diego.

She’s recognized occasionally on the street as the grandmother to the Kardashians and has appeared a few times on the family’s E! She has been snapped alongside granddaughter Kim on several shopping trips. When she greets me at her cozy store, Shannon & Co., the day before the Fourth of July, she looks elegant in a pair of high-waisted red pants and a Gucci belt, Ralph Lauren sneakers, a white T-shirt, and a blue-and-white-striped sweater—in theme, of course. A small mom-and-pop store she founded in 1980, Shannon & Co.

For her part, Shannon has purposely taken the back seat to all her family’s action.